Friday, February 03, 2006

The Supreme Bean

For Christmas Jill got me a great coffeemaker. With the new maker all you have to do is put in beans, water and filter, push the button and voila! Out comes the best coffee in the world. Any fresher than that and you’d have to chew the beans and gargle with hot water.

Prior to that we had one of those Black and Decker coffeemakers that you can buy in the grocery store. We’d buy coffee by the can for the in-laws when they’d visit and occasionally I’d have a cup. Something was just not right. I knew that there was something better out there. Since Folger’s is to coffee what Schlitz is to beer, I had always wanted to try something better and get into higher quality coffee.

About a year ago someone at my work was generous enough to share with me some coffee that she had acquired on her last trip to Belize. She buys the beans by the pound from the distributor and grinds them up just before brewing. This coffee is good…a little too good. If I’m ever put on death row please ensure that I get a cup right around the time I receive my last rights.

Recently I let Patty know about the new coffeemaker and asked to buy a pound of beans from her (okay so I begged a little).

Now I have an inside source for the world’s best beans and something else to add to the list of things to take with me in case I am ever stranded on a desert island.

Life is good and on weekend mornings I get to enjoy a fantastic steaming mug of joe.


OKDad said...

Would it be sacriligious to dip a plain cake donut into a cup of your Belizian bean juice?

I find it hard to do coffee without donuts.

It's a religious thing.

Ed said...

It would be okay as long as it was a high quality sinker.

Mr. Middlebrow said...

Good. You've just entered into a larger world. But beware the temptations that await along the path of the dark roast.

Mr. Middlebrow said...

Kinda gives new meaning to the phrase 'slippery slope.'

Ed said...

Scat cat! or cat scat.