Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer Movies

Now that Aimee is 10 she is able to handle movies that have action and that are somewhat suspenseful without having nightmares as a result. So this summer has been a blockbuster as far as movies are concerned. We've been able to see all of the summer hits and every weekend it's been a different movie.

When Indiana Jones came out last month we made it a point to go an see it on the largest screen here in Phoenix. I bought tickets ahead of time and I parked on the back side of the lot away from other cars. When we returned we found that 4 other Mini Coopers had parked next to us creating an impromptu car show.

With us seeing movies every weekend we have become regulars at the local theater. We greet the same ticket taker every weekend. He is an elder gentleman. Outspoken, yet polite with a good sense of humor.

Please note the name tag. I asked him what his real name was and he insisted that it was what is on the name tag, "Karate."

Every time I see him I get to say, "Hi Karate."