Sunday, June 03, 2012

Goodbye Arizona

We’ve lived in the desert now for over 10 years. This has been the longest period of time that any of us in or family has lived in one place. Despite our not wanting to be here for the reasons of the heat and the bugs, this has ultimately been our home and we have been changed by it. We have seen and experienced may things. We as individuals have grown as we have continued to lean and have made many new friends. So, no matter how we felt about being here, Arizona has been our home for a decade almost to the day. Leaving her has been bittersweet but we also look forward to seeing old, familiar places and seeking new experiences in a place that has changed vastly over the last decade. Moving back to Northern California will change our quality of life in that the surrounding areas will allow us to branch out more and to be closer to family. We are sad however to leave behind the many people that we have met over the years and the many teachers that we have been so fortunate to have worked with. We will miss the copper state and all of the beauty and riches that it holds. Arizona is truly a majestic state. So in the distance the expanse of the desert begins to appear farther in the mirror as we leave what was once our home in the distance. The saguaro’s fade to sihloutte in the early evening sky. A coppery blanket of light covers the land as the sun sets and as the desert settles in. Night approaches and somewhere in the hot, early evening air, the scorpion waves slowly its tail goodbye.