Sunday, January 29, 2006

Jill's New Cellphone

This may seem silly, but cellphones are amazing.

The come with everything loaded on them.

In fact it's difficult to buy one without a camera, video or mp3 capability.

It's getting to the point that people are forgetting that they were originally designed to make and take phone calls.

I remember my first cell phone. It cost around $800 bucks and was permanantly mounted to the car. Gone are the days of the Motorola brick and the briefcase phone. Now they are so small and cheap they are making them for kids (like your 7-year old).

Anyways, we were goofing around with it and Aimee snapped this photo. I like the distortion, flare and lack of quality to it. It's kinda cool looking, except that my nose looks a mile wide.

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