Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Preparing for Battle, Daily

Every night I prepare the armor and place it upon its stand.

Each piece is carefully chosen, each piece is methodically put into its place.

Shoes shined, slacks pressed, shirt starched.

Briefcase as shield, pen as sword, proximity badge as crest of arms.

As each piece is donned I envision what is to come and how it is to be faced.

I arrive and join the fray.

Each moment as melee, each day as battle.

I return only to repeat and to then face once more upon the gates.

1 comment:

OKDad said...

Ah, that million dollars of paratrooper training invested in you by our government still comes shining through, making all of our days just that much brighter.

I for one, sleep safer at night, knowing that men such as yourself, are manning the posts of call centers all over the world.

I was one of those lucky few who benefited from your discipline and training as a frontline grunt on the phones. To this day, I can muster a smile and chuckle thinking about those days.