Sunday, December 18, 2005

Margaret & Me

Back in 1968 I attended the Head Start education program in Hollywood (and yes, I’m old). My mother was interested in childhood education; my mom brought me along and put me into the program so that she did not have to pay for a babysitter and so that I could learn along with the rest of the kids. One of the kids at the center and whom I was friends with was routinely picked up by his grandmother. My mother would make small talk with her and talk about the kids and education. One of the things that my mom was able to get from her was that she was still in pain from an injury that she sustained on the set some thirty years earlier. That the 3rd degree burns that she received from the scene where she was departing angrily from Oz without the ruby slippers still caused her chronic pain. I remember seeing her quite a few times and a couple of times we exchanged smiles.

I didn’t make the connection that she was the one with the castle, broomstick, full contingent of guards (that went oh-wee-oh, eee-yoah-aaah) and flying monkeys.

Even if I did I was more scared of the actual Wizard himself, for he was loud, angry and could summon fire.

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