Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Dog

It’s been almost three years since our Alaskan Malamute Sterling died.

He was a fantastic animal, strikingly beautiful, noble, dignified. He would stop traffic (literally)

But most important, he was a family member and friend.

His loss left a large hole.

We tried to get another Malamute but that failed miserably. The dog was more monster than animal, more beast than pet, destroyer of all things. Upon biting the kid it was over. He was sent packing.

We knew that without a dog that something was missing, that something was not right. People started saying that it was time for us to get another dog.

Jill and I were just walking out of Paradise Bakery and we saw a dog, a puppy. The puppy was just sitting there staring at the door waiting for the owner to come out. The dog would not make eye contact with us; it was intent at keeping its focus on the door to await its parents. We stooped to pet it and we instantly fell in love with it.

Just then the owner of the puppy came out. We found out that the puppy was an Australian Shepherd and that there was one more female left from the same litter. Immediately we contacted the breeder and took the last of the litter.

Ruby is now a year old. She’s high spirited, sensitive and intelligent. She tries to fit in as a member of the family. She even gets along with the cat.

We’ve had a few minor mishaps. Ruby hacked a hole on the backside of the bedspread. Jill lost three pairs of shoes, my iPod armband was destroyed, but other than that just tissues, paper towels and napkins are found shredded about the house. So far so good.

Ruby likes to run. A dog was chasing her in the park. As soon as the dog got even close Ruby looked back once, then hit the hyperspace button. She was gone. The pursuing dog saw this, lowered it’s head and just slowed to a trot and turned around.

With Ruby in our lives the family is once again complete. We have a dog and for some reason that fills a need in our life.

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