Saturday, July 08, 2006

Under the Tahitian Sky

Of earth, of sky and of water, Tahiti is a true paradise. Its sights are breathtaking, vibrant colors, vivid hues in every color of the spectrum.

Mists surround green spires that shoot toward the sky, the sides of the islands weep pure spring waters from fern grottos.

Crystal clear waters gently lap the shores as huge rays glide through the waters and swim up to you as if to welcome you to paradise. In the not too far distance waves break on the motu.

Fish greet you as you swim through azure waters. Sharks swim freely around and under you.

Everywhere you look life abounds. Tahiti is truly an amazing place.

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Yarnartist said...

Fabulous pictures, Edward. I put one Jill sent me on my blog, too. Hope to hear more about your vacation.