Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Second Kill of the Year

It was just four seconds after I told the girls, "either put something on your feet or turn the lights on cause it's bug season," I saw it. Right next to the dog's dish and near Aimee's bedroom door. "I got one," I shouted as I went to the kitchen to get Excalibur.

With a lightning quick swoosh and whaaaaading! It lay dead in pieces from a sound strike.

"Look at you now," I mutter.

"Ewwww, you killed it with the spatula?" cried Aimee. "I'm never eating anything cooked with that thing again."

Little does she know that I have already slain a good half dozen of the monsters with it already. Washing it thouroughly with antibacterial soap of course.

The steel from Excalibur rings true.

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Mr. Middlebrow said...

"That is why I'm your king!"