Sunday, November 27, 2005

A page turns
1996- 2005

I am sad to say that I canceled my Earthlink email account.

At first I didn’t think that it was such a big deal. But then I realized how much that address was a part of my self-image and identity.

I got the address as a result of getting my first job at an Internet company. I was at Earthlink for close to 7 years.

It just seems like the last page has turned on what was a very large chapter in my life.

I can now be contacted at


OKDad said...

I have yet to relinquish ownership of my EarthLink email address as well. I got it back in '96 as well, a year before I joined the "scientology-internet-company" with the egg-and-sperm logo.

Since I left last April, I've been paying the $5 a month to keep it, and like you, I am having a hard time letting it go.

You've inspired me to explore going down that road. Past is the past, right?

Kenn said...

Hold on, both of you!!!! Tradition rules. All three of us come from a place where the oldest building in town is the airport. There is a very shallow past for all of us, we need to cling were clinging is possible.

Both of you were there when Ed Martinez went to the mat for me over my Earthlink email address. That was back in the day when MIS wouldn’t reuse abandoned addresses. It was against their policy to do any kind of work and this would have qualified as work which would have made them leave the Hackensack game behind the Bradley Building. But Ed persevered and now I have my initials as my address. No one can get that on any established ISP any longer.

There is no way that I would ever give that up. I would feel that I had let Ed down and that is a feeling that I don’t want.

So, I say to you… even if you don’t have the motivation that I have, you must keep the tradition. If we can’t look back, then how will we ever be able to trust what is coming? The anchor is tradition. And tradition starts with your old Earthlink address.

Lose it, and you’ll rue the day.