Friday, September 03, 2010

Zombie 092

Zombies represent several things from the standpoint of human emotion and fear.

As humans we all have common fears and the genre of zombies covers more than just one.

The fear of zombies represents the fear of the crowd, the unruly, soulless masses, being alone and of course, zombies represent the fear of death from being consumed while still alive.

Fear and the instinct of flight or fight drives our internal survival mechanism. The genre of the zombie apocalypse stirs all of those emotions within us as we ask ourselves “what if?” This reason alone is probably the biggest reason as to why the genre has exploded over the last decade with a ravenous fan base (no pun intended).

The Walking Dead trailer on YouTube.

Coming this Halloween AMC Television will be releasing The Walking Dead, the adaptation of the graphic novel. Just from the fan base alone of zombies alone the show should be a success. From the few production stills that have been released and from the four-minute trailer it looks spectacular. I would venture to say that it will be the best production in both story and production value so far on the genre. And while there have been a plethora of zombie movies over the years that either stick to or deviate greatly from George Romero's original myth, The Walking Dead manages to come up with some concepts that we haven't seen before the the realm of the undead. It airs on Halloween night. Get ready.

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