Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Random Photos - Downtown Gilbert, AZ

I love Joe's BBQ, that have such fantastic food there. If you are ever in the neighborhood, eat at Joe's.


Dominic said...

Which iPhone app did you use on the tractor photo? It has just the right amount of softness.

Also, are you using 3.0 with your iPhone, because I read that the app for taking 4 photos only works with 2.0.

I love your photos, btw.

Dominic said...

And publish more of your cool photos - here and on FB!

Ed Flores said...

I actually use a program called TiltShit Generator made by the same person that makes, ToyCamera/Quad Camera/Old Camera. If you go to his site you can download it for free.

I am currently using 3.0 and am pretty bummed cause Quad Camera does not work and there is no update on it being upgraded.

Thanks for the compliments on the photos. Coming from a Director/Animator/Writer and just an over all person who is talented with the visual image as a whole it really means a lot. Thanks again.

Dominic said...

I had seen TiltShift Generator before, but I didn't like the samples that they showed in the App Store. Your photos are much better examples of its capabilities.

It's likely that Quad Camera will upgrade to 3.0 - then I will download it.

Thanks for your app info, suggestions and kind words.