Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Thing of Quality

Aimee and I have been pining for armor for some time now. As father and daughter we have been secretly wanting our own set of armor. Now that we have been training in kendo for nearly six months that time is coming that we will be told to get armor for kendo. At the first stage of kendo the practitioner is instructed on the basics and is primarily focused on types of strikes, footwork and form.

There is a couple of problems here, the bogu or kendo armor does not come cheaply and we need two sets. We’re talking between $300 and $1000 here per set. And with Aimee continuing to grow she is going to need more than on set in her life.
In the past Jill has been set against getting anything to do with getting anything that could be construed as a weapon as a gift. When I asked for a new pocket knife or set of kitchen knives she was dead set against it. Whether it be superstition, false premonition or otherwise she did was against giving anything of the sort as a gift. After all Santa did bring Peter, Susan and Lucy weapons and armor in "the Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe," why can't he do the same for us? This scene alone sets precedent showing that Santa historically packs heat to give out to good little children.
Despite the money and false omens both Aimee and I will keep hoping and researching until our time comes.

On Youtube I found a cool video on how bogu is made. Much like a “How it’s Made” program the video takes you step by step through the process, only in Japanese.

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