Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I've Never Been a Cop But I've Played One on TV

Because I worked in Hollywood there were a couple of occasions that I got to work in front of the camera instead of the darkened rooms of the telecine and editing bays. Once I got a call from my mom saying that she saw me on MTV backstage on a Winger video. Producer Joseph Sassone was kind enough to put me in as a cop for a Compton's Mosts Wanted music video. I have about 2.5 seconds of glory and if you time your sneeze right, you'll miss my part entirely.

As a supervisor at Pasadena Camera Rental (Pasadena Production Studios) I ran into quite a few film majors from the prestigious Art Center College of design. A couple of times I was asked to appear in front of the camera for their student films. The imagery in the film "Screamers" looked great for a student film. Shot on Ektachrome there was very little lattitude for error on the exposure. As a student film there was no money for negative film, color adjustment or multiple takes. Shot in very low light the film came out great, unlike my acting.

So long before CSI, with flashlight in hand Lt. Detective Ed was already on the murder case.


Dominic said...

I imagine Ed dressed as a cop had a calming, protective effect on the shoot in the middle of the hood.

Joseph didn't just produce the Compton's Most Wanted clip, he also directed it. Right?

Ryan said...

Hey Ed, what min/sec that you show up in the CMW vid?