Monday, March 17, 2008

Run Fatty Run

Another year another ½ marathon done. Once again I participated in the PF Chang’s ½ marathon here in Phoenix. I didn’t train as much this year. I had a mishap back in November. I fell on the final mile of a 4-mile run. I was doing a 9-minute mile and I hit the asphalt – hard. I immediately could tell that I contused the bones in my hand. Later I noticed a searing pain in my rib cage – I had probably broken a rib.
I backed off my training regimen immediately. Consequently when I could train again it was only weeks before the race.

I went into the race knowing that I would only run a portion of it, and then walk the rest. I did okay on the walk/run plan. Despite the aches and pains I crossed the finish line and earned the finishers medal.

Yesterday was the Arizona Distance Classic. I opted not to go this year. I would like to do at least on more ½ marathon this year, the training keeps me honest. Perhaps I’ll sign up for the Disneyland ½ marathon in September.

Despite all of the marathon business I just enjoy running despite the lack of talent for it.

Although I was not born on Mt. Olympus nor under its shadow of it I rise everyday to the heroes task:

Drink the eggs
Punch the meat
Run, run, run, up the stairs
Lather, rinse, repeat


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