Monday, April 23, 2007

A Minion of MINIs

We went to a MINI Cooper rally this weekend. I had reserved a space ahead of time not realizing that it was a car show. When I pulled up I was directed away from the parking lot and into the show. The security guards moved the cones and we were asked to park somewhere on the showgrounds next to the show cars. This was embrassing to say the least. We use the car for everyday use, so when we pulled up it was filled with our stuff like jackets, empty drink containers and various papers. "Quick, hide everything!" Jill blurted out. "Crap, I didn't even wash the car," I replied. I saw a space inbetween two other pepper white Coopers and backed in. After stashing everything in the trunk it didn't look so bad. It was a good time looking at all of the other MINIs and talking to other owners about their cars. Aimee was running around looking at all of the different cars and settled on a purple Cooper S as her favorite. Next time I go to one of these things I'll wash the car.

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