Sunday, September 25, 2005

Smiles Per Gallon

Over the course of my life cars have just been cars. Sure I have been excited about some of the car purchases, like the ’85 Mustang and the 2000 & 2003 Tahoes.

But today’s purchase surpassed them all.

The Mini has been a hoot the entire way home. Even just driving to the store was a blast.

Aimee has been squealing like a…well, like a little girl and has been asking me to go for a ride just for the sake of driving.

I got the iPod attachment for the car and the iPod mini works seamlessly with the car.

On a twisty road near the house I blared Blur’s Track #2 over the speakers and both Aimee and Jill screamed WooHoo!!! along with the song.

We are nothing short of ecstatic about the new car.

The heck with the fact that it gets 32 miles per gallon, we’re just overjoyed to drive it.

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