Friday, July 15, 2005


With the temperatures hitting record highs in the valley soaring around the 115° mark very little escapes the wrath of the heat.

If the temperatures are over 100° out side the temps inside a car can easily reach 160° + (this is not a joke)

Consequently any living being left in a car will perish within minutes (seriously, there are multiple deaths of children and pets every year in Phoenix)

Anything not made out of pig iron will melt.

Over the years we have seen crayons turn into rainbow puddles of wax, audio CDs will bake and shrinky-dink down to the size of a silver dollar.

Aimee made the mistake of leaving a plastic pen in the car yesterday


OKDad said...

Melt more of these and sell them on eBay as practical object d'art pieces.

Your daughter is a genius.

OKDad said...

Just read an article that tallied the Phoenix death count due to the extreme heat at 18.

Why do you live there again?

Ed said...

We got off on the wrong bus stop I guess.